Stereo Equipment and Vinyl for Sale

I have decided to sell all of my stereo equipment and the records, cassettes and open reel tapes. Below is a list of what I have and there is a video as well. I would prefer to sell it all to someone who would really enjoy it, care for it and appreciate the collection. All components come with a custom-made dustcover with the logo and model number. All numbers below in Canadian Dollars. Please scroll down since there is quite a lot of equipment offered. I would love to discuss a complete package. All cables are of excellent high quality. My complete record collection is also for sale. Asking prices are also slightly negotiable and reasonable offers will be considered, especially if you want the complete collection. Cannot ship. Must arrange pick-up or use movers.

Speakers and Sub-Woofer

Usher Dancer Mini-One Diamond Speakers – Classic Sound

Retail Value: $ 6,300.00

Asking Price: $ 2,500.00

Independant Review: Enjoy the Music


Click Below to download my collection documented in Discogs. I have additional records in the basement not yet in here. I am asking between the low and mid-range estimated value of Discogs for everything, including ones not in the list plus many 45s.

Asking: $ 11,377.50

Turn Table and Accessories (Comes as Package)

Rega RP3 Special Edition Union Jack with Exact Cartridge and Performance Belt

Retail Value with Cartridge: $ 2,175.00 (not Union Jack)

Asking: $ Temporarily not for sale

Information Details: Rega P3

Independant Review of P3: Hi-Fi Choice

Rega Torque wrench 0 – 4 nm for Cartridge

Retail Value (if you can find one): 350.00 (CDN)

Asking Price: $ 275.00

Details: The Sound Organization


Retail Value on Newer Model: $ 625.00

Asking Price: $ 475.00

Details: NEO PSU

Rega MM Pre-Amplifier

Retail Value on Newer Model: $ 555.00

Asking Price: $ 455.00

Details: Rega Pre-Amplifier

Rega Strobe Kit

Retail Value: $ 267.00

Asking Price: $ 240.00

Details: Rega Strobe Kit

Small Scale to Adjust Cartridge Tracking Weight


Stereo Open Reel Tape Decks

2 x TEAC A-1230 (Two Decks – Both perfect working order and maintained yearly)

  • Original Manuals
  • Original Cleaning and Oil Tools and materials that came with each TEAC
  • 2 x Custom Made Smoke Plastic Covers ($200.00)
  • 2 x Original Vinyl Covers
  • TEAC Head Demagnetizer (45.00)
  • TEAC E-2 Bulk Tape Eraser ( 45.00)
  • 9 x Unopened Tapes ($ 270.00)
  • 16 x music Tapes (pre-recorded by factory) ($450.00)
  • 81 x Prerecorded Tapes (high quality) recordings of music, events and radio between 1965 to Present ($ 1,200.00)

Retail Value: Not Applicable

Asking Price for all Above: $ 2,400.00

TEAC Review

Complete Video of Components and System