MGB Maintenance Log

Maintenance Log

Date/Miles Link Description
07/12/2021/109000Purchase Car
07/16/2021/109116 Inspection

Maintenance Performed at The Sports Car Factory:
Safety check, tighten front wheel bearings and grease front end, fill shock absorbers with oil, check brakes, top up transmission oil, repair side mirror, replace driveshaft (bad u-joints and yokes), replace reverse light, flush brake fluid, flush clutch/retorque, change oil and filter.
08/30/2021/109850MaintenanceChanged Spark Plugs, Adjusted Valves to 0.015″ Cold, Attempted carburetor adjustment and timing. Jets set at 0.040″ down. TDC Mark suspect.
09/10/2021/110050MaintenanceRepaired Heater Defrost
Gas Tank
Replaced Gas Tank with New Tour Model, Replaced Tube shocks to rebuilt lever shocks, Replaced Rebound Strap and U-Bolts. Verified all oil levels on lift (transmission, differential and engine)
09/17/2021/110500MaintenanceChanged front shocks to rebuilt shocks from Apple Hydraulics. Changed to Minilite Wheels and new Yokohama Tires.
09/24/2021/110800MaintenanceFinal Timing, carburetor adjustment and marked TDC on pulley. Jets at 0.040″ down for clean burn (brown plugs). Re-Balanced Tires.
10/05/2021/111450RepairInstalled new rubber diaphragm straps and new cushion on driver’s side.
10/09/2021/111816RepairInstalled new switch for Overdrive. Old one had a melt down.
10/30/2021/112340MaintenanceEngine Oil and Filter Change
10/01/2021/11450RepairPurchase and Installed new Battery Legend Pro 75
11/01/2021/112550RepairRepair Starter Motor – The Sports Car Factory
11/02/2021/112820MaintenanceRadiator and Engine Flush, change Hose Connectors and put in 195 Degree Thermostat
11/02/2021/112950MaintenanceChecked Transmission Oil Level and Differential Oil Level – Nothing Added
11/04/2021/112975UpdateInstalled Battery Shut Off Switch behind Passenger and Battery Tender Cable Plug.
04/03/2022/113316MaintenanceReplaced Alternator, Installed Rebuilt SU Carburetors, Replaced Fuel Lines in Engine Compartment with Barricade High Pressure Fuel Lines, Replaced Fuel Filter, Replaced Throttle Cable, Installed New Lowered Bump Stops Front, Re-Torqued all front suspension and shock bolts, installed new rotars, calipers and pads on front.
04/04/2022/113316MaintenanceInstalled shims in front hub (there were none?), removed rust from brake shield and hub and painted.
04/15/2022/113316 MaintenanceReplaced rear shoes and drum including cyclinders, springs and rubber seals. Painted drum and shield.
05/13/2022/113400 Removed battery and installed plastic shield case and also installed recessed battery tender plug. Installed new carpets. Installed new foam and diaghram in passenger seat. Removed all added wiring under the dash, cleaned many connections, repaired ground connection and reinstalled stereo wiring properly with heat shrink and blue tape wrap. Cleaned fuse boxes in engine compartment and cleaned all connections, added new fuses.Installed new heater cable to valve and adjusted it for full range. Installed new Revotec Fan and switch in cockpit. Drained radiator and changed hoses. Repaired horn wiring and removed old fan switch wiring.
05/29/2022/113600 MainternanceChanged front springs, new tie rods, changed bushings on sway bar, changed steering gator, cleaned steering arms and added oil, cleaned plunger. Changed rebound strap to shorter (earlier model).
06/01/2022/113600 MaintenanceClay bar car, cutting polish, final polish and touch ups to paint.
06/08/2022/113600UpgradesInstalled LED Brake Lights addition under licence plate and wide beam driving/fog lights under front bumper with fog light switch in dash. This is for daytime and nighttime visability.
06/12/2022/113600 MaintenanceChanged o-rings on Overdrive Solinoid and cleaned all parts, cleaned and replaced gasket on Overdrive sump and changed transmission oil. Changed Differential Oil and greased all grease points on the car.
06/16/2022/113600RepairsInstalled new cross member pads top and bottom. Installed shorter nylon rebound strap since the rubber one broke. (I am done for now :))
06/18/2022/113600MaintenanceFinal polish, one more clay rub then ceramic coating of the entire car. Adjusted front driving/fog lights/treated leather seats and iinterior, vacuum, cleaned glass and chrome.
06/18/2022/113600TestingGot in the MGB and drove her like I stole her 🙂 – My mother would not have liked it, if she were here today…
07/21/2022/115400MaintenanceChanged Distributor cap, rotor and Wires. Re-checked and adjusted timing. Changed plugs from Champion to NGK
07/22/2022/115400UpgradesInstalled Clarion Bluetooth Car Stereo
07/29/2022/115500RepairPerformed at Sports Car Factory: Remove and replace pinion seal, thrust washers and gasket. Perform differential service including painting and resealing cover. Measure Swival axle float: Driver- 0.011″ and Passenger-0.006″. Bleed brakes and re-torque wheels.
08/04/2022/115584RepairRe-serviced front brakes to eliminate squeal. New pads, angled pad edges and created groove down the middle. Added PTFE tape to top and bottom of caliper where pads sit. RE: Article.
08/08/2022/115610UpgradesInstalled new chrome antenna with lock.
08/12/2022/116200RepairInstalled new seat belts and changed roller location to the original location to better fit when roll bar is installed.
08/26/2022/116470UpgradesInstalled Roll Bar and Fire Extinguisher
09/10/2022/117050MaintenanceOil and Filter Change
09/30/2022/117600UpgradesInstalled Rebuilt Lockheed Calipers, EBC Rotors and Green Pads and new Dust Cover. I performed but also needed help from the Sports Car Factory because rebuilt calipers were leaking.
09/30/2022/117600UpgradesInstalled new designed windscreen on roll bar made of Lexan.
11/15/2022/120135WinterFilled up Gas added Sea Breeze

Damper Oil – Recommended: SU Damper Oil

Engine Oil and Transmission Oil – Castrol 20W50