Montreal/Ottawa MG Clubs Tools Available to Loan

I own the following tools plus many others. However these available to fellow OMGC and MMGCC Members to borrow when I am not using them. In some instances, I put kits together such as a tune-up kit. Members can borrow all or part, as required. My only conditions are that you take proper care of the tools and respect the agreed return date, since I or other members may also need them. Feel free to contact me using the form at the bottom of the page. I have many others so don’t be shy to ask. Furtherm,ore, I also have a well equiped garage and I love wrenching. I do not have a hoist but I do have wheel cribs and Jack stands to accomplish almost anything under the car. If you know what your doing, or need some help, your welcome to arrange a date to stop by.

Tune-Up Kit

Tune-Up Kit Includes:

  • Timing Light
  • Compression Gage
  • Vacuum Gage
  • Carburetor Synchronizing Gage (for dual SUs)
  • Spark Plug Socket
  • Low end Torque Wrench for Spark Plugs
  • Thickness shim gages for Valves and for Spark Plug Gap

Oil Change Kit

Oil Change Kit Includes:

  • Oil Pan
  • Oil Filter Remover
  • Compression Washers
  • Small Jack to raise front end a bit to fit oil pan

Jacking Kit

Jacking Kit includes:

  • 1 x Premium 3.5 Ton Low Profile Jack
  • 1 x 2 Ton Low Profile Jack
  • 2 x Jack Stands
  • 4 x Large Rubber Chocks
  • Wheel Cribs


SOS Help Kit

SOS Help Kit includes:

  • Comprehensive Tap and Die Kit
  • Bolt Remover Kit
  • Screw Extractor Kit

Brake Bleeding Hoses

Harmonic Balancer Removal Tool

Step Drill Bit Sets (drilling through panels)

Battery Gas Pump to Remove Gas from Tank

Breaker Bar

Garage and Tools

In the summer months, my garage can be used with all my tools during the day when there is no rain in the forecast. Contact me to make arrangements, if needed. Note, there is much more room in the summer when snow blower stuff goes back into the shed.