I decided to add some adventure to my life by purchasing a Vespa GTV 300 in espresso brown. For those of you who know me, I never do anything without diving in 100 %.

Since the Vespa can and will take me on many adventures both riding, maintaining and modifying, I have decided to create this blog for my friends’ amusement, enjoyment and for those who may want to dive in and become a Vespa owner themselves.

For the record, it was a book called Vroom with a View by Peter Moore and a YouTube video from Texas introducing me to the GTV-300 that made me jump whole heartedly into this adventure.

I started this Blog a bit late (2-months after purchase) but that is because I was too busy riding. I will start from the beginning and catch up rather quickly, I hope.


2022 Update

As I look back to 2012 when I started this blog, I have had a Honda, multiple BMWs, Vespa, Abarth, Subaru, Volt, and now I am into MGBs. Hoping you still follow me on this adventure.

5 thoughts on “History”

  1. Have Vespa, will travel! Brilliant title. Wishing you many miles and smiles.
    Vespa rocks! Greetings from the We(s)t Coast.


  2. Roberto said:

    I have previously owned a 300 and am now (@60!) considering purchasing a new one, having owned a Yamaha Majesty 400 and a Buddy 150. I look forward with a but if trepidation but know scooters are such a blast! I want to circumnavigate the USA, having already completed the entire Gulf section two years ago. Good luck and great riding!


    • Peter Sanderson, Software Developer, Consultant & Vespa Owner said:

      I am certain you will enjoy scootering throughout the US. You should come visit us up in the Great White North!


  3. Russ Bees said:

    Hi Peter:

    I think of you each time I straddle my GTV (BUZZ). The WASP sticker is a reminder that someone else enjoys riding Vespas as much as I. Hope your hand is pain-free and the coming months are promising regarding riding once again.

    Your scoot buddy in Iowa. Russ


    • Peter Sanderson, Software Developer, Consultant & Vespa Owner said:


      I am dictating this email using my new software called Dragon. It’s actually amazing and it enables me to continue working without using my hands. So far it hardly makes any mistakes at all and the more I use it the more it learns. For example I could even add words such as Piaggio.

      I am certain that you’re enjoying your GTV as much as my wife is enjoying her GTS. She left yesterday at 10 in the morning with a friend and they didn’t return until 6 o’clock. She went all over the place through country roads and rode along the canal. Unlike me she doesn’t stop to take pictures so I have nothing to show you.

      Now that you had the chance to ride your GTV, what do you think about it?

      Also, which seat did you finally determined was most comfortable? My wife takes the GTV out for a ride once in a while and she prefers the singleseat that came with her GTS because she said like I feel that you slip off the GTV seat.

      Well happy riding and I hope to be back in the saddle before the end of this riding season.

      Thanks, ________________________

      Peter Sanderson Peter.Sanderson@outlook.com

      Home: (613) 933-3055 Work: (613) 577-4417 ________________________

      Effective September 28, 2012 – Please update your records to change my personal e-mail from peterpq3@hotmail.com to peter.sanderson@outlook.com – Thank You ☺


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