I am pleased to announce the new owners of my MGB are Mark Heisey and Michelle Pope, pictured below with the car loaded into their trailer. They are heading home to Nova Scotia which is a fitting destination. Jim Nunn, who started the Ottawa MG Club had purchased the car in the eighties from a gentleman in Nova Scotia who had brought her to Canada from Germany. She is therefore heading home.

Michelle is looking forward to driving her and they have named her “Ruby”. They have joined the local MG Club and have friends with MGs and Triumphs. Mark has connections with garages there, so I am confident she is in great hands. Congratulations Mark and Michelle!

The Final Good By

Goodbye to my carmine red MGB
You were the best thing that happened to me
You were a beauty and a beast
You made me feel alive and free

We had so many adventures
The ups and downs and detours
The laughs and tears and stories
The challenges and glories

But now it’s time to let you go
You’re going to a new place I don’t know
Nova Scotia is where you’ll be
I hope you’ll enjoy the scenery

I’ll always remember you, my carmine red MGB
But I know you’ll bring joy to somebody
You have a new journey and a new life
You’ll always be my favorite ride