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I don’t have much time this morning but wanted to post a quick update to the vinyl repair I did a month ago and then to the Montreal MG Car Club for picking a great meeting place for their monthly meeting. I added another 237 miles to my season which is now approaching 7,000 miles and going.

Ironically, the reason I don’t have much time to post anything this morning is that I have a massage booked in Ottawa for 10:15. I am certain these two statements are hardly related, or are they?

I unfolded the soft top and the repairs that I made on the vinyl a month ago held perfectly. If you don’t remember, click here.

The ride down to Casa Grecque in Lasalle was a little nerve racking as I approached Montreal and the bumper-to-bumper traffic all along the highway number 20. Well, the good news is my clutch works perfectly.

However, the ride home made up for it. There was no one on the road at 9:00 PM and the speed limit on the highway 417 is 68.35 miles per hour (110 Km/Hr.) and there were absolutely no cars on the highway.

For those of you who don’t drive an MGB, that means no glaring high beams coming up from behind you and blinding you from the rear view and side view mirrors, because we are so low. So, my trip home was cruising the 417 with all my high beams on full plus the additional lights at 75 Miles/Hour all the way listening to music such as “Son of a Preacher Man”, “Stairway to Heaven” a many other oldies.

The food at Casa Grecque was wonderful and the company was warm and friendly. I had their grilled salmon and shrimp with salad and rice. Thank you, Montreal MG Car Club for planning such a great evening.