Yesterday I went for a drive and since it was yet another beautiful day in November. I tried to explain what to expect and what to look for when purchasing your first MGB. This video is for those looking for an MGB that drives as it should, as designed by the engineers and explains the costs for such a car.

If you are looking for an MGB to restore, this video is not for you, skip it, lol. If you love the looks of an MGB and want to get one no matter how it drives and live with knowing it is in need of many repairs, this video is also not for you.

But if you want to really experience the pleasure and excitement of driving an MGB all season, have an MGB that looks and feels good inside and out, then this video is for you, and you should watch it to fully understand the costs of ownership and your options to achieve this goal.

In this video I show you the bills and invoices including the amounts, but they fly by. Below this video I have a slower version of the costs on my MGB that you can view and absorb later on.

Buying an MGB

List of Costs