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Yesterday was over 27 degrees Celsius (80 F), overcast with a bit of wind. My friend Michel and I decided to go for a drive and eat up some country roads. In total, we drove 190 Miles. But I have to say, my MG Angel was with me. Do you remember my “Dipstick, a well-earned title” that I posted a few months ago? Well, something almost as bad happened again. Before the ride I stopped for gas and checked the oil. I was down a half liter, so I topped it up. But this time, I forgot to put the oil cap back onto the valve cover. Now think about all the things that could have gone wrong. The cover could have flown off and down and be permanently lost or worse gotten stuck in the belts or something. Oil could have splashed all over my engine. But thanks to my MG Angel, it fell right down at the bottom where the cardboard cover is, just below the harmonic balancer and no oil came out.

When I returned home and entered my garage, I heard some sort of clanging sound, so I opened the engine to find it there shaking on the bottom where the fan belt wraps around the harmonic balancer. Just sitting there. I checked the oil, and it was full, as I had left it before the ride.

Well, if I’m not a Dipstick, I don’t know what?

Today’s ride was awesome, and my video discusses what is totally right about my MGB and why. None of which could have happened without Steve Mcilquham from The Sports Car Factory in Hallville, Ontario and the YouTube Channels:

Below are two videos. The first which is on YouTube covers what is right about my car and special thanks to those who helped make it happen. The second is a few parts of the drive through the countryside.

Thank you ALL!

The Drive