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Yesterday was the Montreal MG Car Club’s end of October drive. Starting from Dorion, Quebec, we drove the back roads along the canal to St. Rafael’s Ruins for a fun photo taking day. After spending some time talking pictures, exploring the ruins, and talking MG stuff, we then headed south to the Smoking Bull BBQ for a late lunch.

We were lucky since the Smoking Bull was almost empty and we had the main dining room all to ourselves. It was a southern cooking affair including southern jazz background music.  After lunch we headed down for one last group picture before we all headed home in opposite directions. Len and Deb towards Kingston, myself towards Ottawa and the rest of the members back towards Montreal.

The weather was sunny and warm at this point, and I am certain that everyone enjoyed their drive home.

Now, for the pictures. Below is a slide show of the pictures, cropped to 8×10 and as out of my camera. Afterwards, there are some creative “modifications” to these which I will name the Vintage Album of Events. Finally, at the bottom are all the picture that you can click on and view in full resolution and download.

I will print and frame one picture for each car that attended. Please pick the one you would like printed. You can download these pictures and then send me the one you want by messenger or e-mail.

Out of the Camera Album

Peter’s Vintage Album

A collection of early photographic styles from the original sepia to black and white and early seventies film. Plus a few Halloween add-ons.

Full Resolution Pictures to View and/or Download