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Seat Belt Tension Relief

Today I have two topics to discuss. The first is seat belts in the MGB. If you are driving with the original seat belts, chances are the inertia spring is weak and often they disappear behind the seat or get twisted and tangled. I had changed my seatbelts a month ago and then had a new problem. The spring tension was so great that the belt would be constantly pulling down on my left shoulder that eventually started causing me pain. In fact, I got a sore neck. So, I then created a seat belt guide out of steel and attached it to the head rest. I covered this in another post (click here).

Although this guide stopped the belts from getting twisted or tangled, it just was not high enough to remove the continuous tension form my shoulder. Yesterday I received a simple product from Amazon that eliminated this issue completely.


Two weeks ago, in my little town of Russell, I was checking through the grocery line and the cashier was excited to tell me that she had seen another small car like mine in Russell. She said it was on George Street and the owner had sold his corvette and got a white car like mine. Small towns are wonderful! Since then, random people would just come up to me and tell me about the second white MGB in town. For the last two weeks I would walk my dog down George Street which is a block from my house. When I would drive home, I would always drive down George Street in hopes of meeting the owner of this now famous, White MGB.

Finally, yesterday on my way to a haircut, I saw the white MGB in the garage and the owner was out front raking leaves. He did sell his corvette to a buyer in Toronto and decided to get this little MGB. Since he has had it, he has cleaned up the interior and installed new carpets inside and was also working on the carpets in the trunk.

The car was repainted but seemed mostly original from 1980 with the Stromberg carburetor and all of the original anti-pollution hoses, belts and cannisters in the engine bay. The car had its rubber bumper and looked mighty fine. She started her up for me and she seemed to run well.

I was driving my Volt so after my hair cut, I went back to see him again in my MGB. After he saw mine, he had many questions. I brought him a MOSS catalogue, a few NAMGBR magazines and had written down the key websites for him to visit, including this blog :).