As the Ottawa MG Club winds down for the season and is requesting the total miles driven from the members for 2022, the Montreal MG Car Club continues to Rock On!

Today was yet another beautiful drive with the MMGCC! Fall leaves and curvy roads to the Hemmingford Golf Club where we sat together, exchanged our MG stories and I had Montreal Smoked Meat.

We met in Dorion at the Club Piscine parking lot. This is where the drive began. We had another stop near Valleyfield to meet up with a few more members. Here we stopped and greeted everyone and shared a few more stories.

We then left for Hemmingford.

Once we arrived at the Hemmingford Golf Club, we took a group photo then headed up for lunch. Of course, when in Quebec, I order Smoked Meat or Poutine. Today I went with the Smoked Meat. YUM!