How many of us have struggled with the soft top. Putting it up never seems to be the issue. It is getting it back into its proper place. It reminds me of a sleeping bag new and the challenge to get it back into its original carry bag. I know that I spent the better part of last year and the beginning of this year trying out various methods and techniques. Most to no avail.

I have settled on this technique because it keeps the soft top up and out of the way from the carpet over the batteries and does not interfere with my seat belts. It gives me much more interior space.

WARNING: This method works perfect with the ORIGINAL MGB Vinyl tops (Boots). However, I have seen issues with many other tops made of cloth or thicker materials of aftermarket manufacturers that will not allow the top to be rolled in such a manner and one reader below has found that the window cracked on his thicker cloth top during the tight rolling. Roller beware!