Well, I started shopping for exhausts and narrowed them down to one. I have an old Stebro, and it is starting to show its age. The problem is the higher pitched sound at higher revs so the drone noise in the cockpit is annoying. It is both loud and annoying. There is a difference between loud and sweet and loud and annoying. Trust me. This was my Abarth, loud and sweet.

My current Stebro is loud and sweet until we are on the highway. I think it is just the resonator and the pipes that are worn, but I am almost certain the 15-year-old Stebro is a bit worn as well. I cannot find any Stebro parts such as the matching resonator.

So, I have put my name in and reserved an Abarth system. It comes complete. I have ordered it from Abarth Exhausts, and it seems like it has the perfect hangers for the MGB and after some research, it installs without an issue. Click on the picture below for more info.

Until it arrives, I will have to hurry up and wait. Below are some pictures of the product.