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I had many plans yesterday including the installation of the recently painted parts (more on this later), wash and wax and a final tidy-up of the garage.

But it was a cool sunny autumn day. My wife and I decided to take down the covers on the gazebos, re-arrange the shed for winter and pack away all the stuff outside that needs to be protected from old man winter. That took a few hours and then my wife left to visit Storm, her horse.

So, I have no “how-to-videos”, no events to report on, no interviews, but just a simple autumn ride. I stopped at one point under a beautiful tree to take a picture. Oh, I also had a driving partner with me 😊.

First, there are a few pictures of beautiful autumn leaves displayed in their full glory.

Following that is some music to listen to, it is named “The Stebro Sumba” and it is best to listen on a computer with a subwoofer.

Finally, there is a little something about my driving partner.

Autumm Leaves

The Stebro Sumba

My Driving Partner