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I had a few issues during this install of the EBC brakes and rebuilt calipers. The biggest issue is that the company who rebuilt my calipers put in the wrong size seals, and they leaked. Like everywhere! So here I was on a Thursday morning with new brakes but leaky calipers. I could not go anywhere, even if I had a special place to be.

I ended up driving it to the Sports Car Factory and Steve replaced the seals in both calipers, adjusted the rear brakes, and had my MGB ready by the end of Friday so I could be on the Saturday Serpentine run with the Montreal MG Car Club.

But, in addition to this problem, I had a slip/grip shuttering effect from the black Geomet and Nitrotherm anti-corrosive finish on the rotors in the area where the pads touch. I am not a fan! In fact, this should be removed before installation. Watch my video on EBC Brakes before watching this video below.

I believe I did everything correctly and for those who may want to do their own brakes, the video below is a step-by-step of what I did.