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Saturday was six degrees Celsius (42 degrees Fahrenheit), overcast but no rain in the forecast. I had just installed my new wind blocker on the back, attached to the roll bar at 6:00AM in the morning. I knew it would help with the wind and cold, especially with the top down, and YES, we went with the top down.

Chantal had her winter coat plus a blanket over her knees which was blowing up like a balloon with the hot air from the heater vents. She said it reminded her of when we used to ride the vespa and used a vespa winter skirt.

We decided to take the highway versus side roads. Cruising at 80, we arrived in Brownsburg, Quebec in one hour and seventeen minutes. Apparently, I misread the plan and I was 30 minutes late, but the MMGCC members waited for us at the Ultramar (thank you all), and this is where our journey began.

I used to live in St. Eustache, Quebec, so driving these roads was something I did back in the seventies, with an MGB-GT, Triumph TR3 and a Mini. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I had driven them, perhaps in the early eighties. I had forgotten mountain roads and how steep the climb in certain areas.  I found myself down shifting too late and getting caught between gears. But proper shifting came back quickly and between the hills, the s-curves, and the fall scenery, it was my best ride this year!

I also went on the Ottawa Leaf run on Sunday with the Ottawa MG Club (which was also lovely), but if I had to choose between one or the other, it would be the Serpentine Run, hands down!

Member, Mike Trainor hosted the event and when we arrived in Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard at his home, there was a lovely spread of food for lunch and a four-car garage with a little Sunbeam Tiger inside being converted to a Camaro 8-cylinder engine.

Most of us were able to fit on a very high balcony overlooking the Fall leaves and mountains. The food, the company and the drive were excellent, and this is one event that Chantal and I will mark on our calendar for next year.

We were first to leave since we had a two-hour drive home and a hungry dog waiting for us.

For those in the club who were not able to attend, please enjoy this video of the drive, starting at Brownsburg.