I have fought brake squeal since the beginning of the summer when I replaced my calipers, rotors, and pads. I have tried all sorts of anti-squeal products, metal backings, rubber backings, silicone, PTFE Teflon tape, cutting grooves in the pads, chamfer the pad edges and more to no avail.

My latest solution as documented on my previous blog entry worked for 3000 miles until the squeal came back.

So today I will disassemble my brakes and inspect and measure every part to determine the cause.  I also have a rebuilt Lockheed caliper that I intend to install as a comparison to the new Moss caliper.

I currently have Moss Calipers, Wagner pads and Classic Gold rotors. I believe that at the end of this video, I have found what I believe is the problem and I am hopeful that brake squeal will be a thing of the past. Please comment on your thoughts at this point. When I reassemble my brakes, I am using EBC rotors and pads with Lockheed rebuilt calipers. I will follow-up on this.