I am at my wits end with respect to brake squeal! This is the most annoying problem I have ever had to solve. Some friends say “forget about it” and that they had stopped chasing brake squeal years ago. I can’t do that. I have an raging flaming need to solve this brake squeal.

If you are reading this for the first time, this is a history from newest to oldest:

So today I will start a three-part series on Brake Squeal. I will be posting updates as I go.

Part one is a bit of history, my plan, and some rambling as a result of Frustration.

Part 2 will be the measurements, testing, results and Part 3 will be replacing all of the front brake parts (how to).

Part 1 The Ramble (2022-09-27)

Part 2 and 3 Coming Soon