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When one of the only things left to do is to repair a few tiny imperfections on my vinyl top, that says she is really sorted out.

Well, that is exactly where I’m at with this MGB. The rear plastic driver’s side window was split at the seam with the vinyl top since I got the car last year. I did the quick fix, Gorilla Tape. Also, the strap that snaps over the frame on the passenger side, came apart. So today I am going to do the proper fix.

This is how I did it…

The Result

They seem to be on nice and strong. Its 5:00 AM Sunday and I am getting ready to go to a Car Show. I intend to pick at the extra glue around the edges tomorrow. But they seem stuck on good. They will be fully cured tonight. I had the garage heater on since it was 9 degrees C (48 Degrees F) overnight. The high today with rain is 15 Degrees (59 Degrees F), which is just under the recomended curing temperature. The heat will be on in the car on the way there.I was planning to wash her before I left but Yikes, too cold and she is not that dirty.

The outside shows the line of glue on the clear plastic. I am undecided if I will leave it like that or cut a small strip of black vinyl and cover it?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.