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Remember my friend Michel with the Spitfire? That was last year. Now he owns a 2012 Mazda Miata MX5. These are the Japanese cars that copied the British but engineered them to be flawless, so-to-say.

Personally, I prefer the classic British MGB because of the challenges to keep it on the road, the joy when it is on the road and the pleasure of looking at those Smiths gages. Of course, there is also listening to the rattles and noise, playing with Lucas electronics and most specially the engine purring. I love how she handles, looks, and feels. But Michel could say the same about his Miata and we respect each other’s choices (almost 😊).

Today I went on a Birthday Drive with Michel and his new Miata. We stopped in Perth for a sandwich and coffee then again on the way home at The Swan on the Rideau for a drink and some appetizers. The Swan gave me a surprise Birthday mocha cheesecake at no charge.

160 Kilometers of pleasure on a sunny day. Here is 4-minutes of it to enjoy…