This was the first year the Boot’n Bonnet All British Car Day was held north of Kingston instead of downtown Kingston along the waterfront. It was also the first such event I have attended so I cannot comment on the differences. I did hear from some people that they preferred the downtown venue but that this one worked perfectly fine.

The registration fee was $ 25.00. Every participant received a dash plaque and a coupon for two barbeque lunches and gifts and prizes were handed throughout the day.

The weather held out perfectly, even thought there were times when the clouds were threatening rain. There was a wide variety of British cars to look at and my personal favorite was the old Rolls Royce with the rumble seat. Such beautiful craftmanship!

One of the most weird things happened to me at this car show. I have a friend in Russell who owned a mint Triumph Spitfire fully modified with wheels, engine, carbs, and such. The body was just like it came out of the factory with less than 30,000 original miles. This is a picture of us together last year. This year he decided to sell his car and he purchased a 2013 Mazda MX5 with less than 40,000 km on it.  I made a video and website to help him sell the car which sold for about $ 24,000.00 last month at the All-British Car Day in Ottawa.

I arrived at the Boot’n Bonnet and parked my car next to Len’s MGA and shortly thereafter I started my live Facebook broadcast of the event. When I returned to my car 45 minutes later, I was astonished to see my friend’s Spitfire parked next to it. I questioned the sign(s) that the Gods were trying to give me. What are the odds that the new owner would come to the show and that he would park next to me? He never met me or had seen my car. I started a conversation with him, and he had driven down from Stittsville. Even today I think back and can not believe the odds of this happening.

I had to leave midafternoon because my son was flying back form Artic Bay in Nunavut and I wanted to meet him for dinner. However, before I left,  I enjoyed a couple of hot dogs, bottled water and some chips that were part of the entrance fee.

I tried to take a picture of each car and they are proudly displayed in the following video. I have to say, I love, love, love route 10 from Kingston to Westport. There were no cars on the way home and my gear box was getting a workout. Jazz in the background and nothing but curvy roads, hills up and down surrounded by beautiful scenery.

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