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There are many topics of discussion among MGB owners and comfort is near the top. As we age, which we all do, comfort and accessibility becomes more of an issue, especially with an MGB. Often, I hear talk about the seats, putting in Fierro seats or other modifications to help on those long hauls.

I am over 60 and I simply replaced the foam and diaphragm in my seats. I have nice soft leather and although the seats are not as comfortable as my Chevy Volt, they are not so bad at all. But let me tell you my pain points.

My elbows! Does this sound familiar? Those hard door handles that we rest our left elbow on and the zero padding on the center console cover. After some time, it seems like I am resting my funny bone on a hard surface that just gets more and more uncomfortable as time passes by in the MGB.

A gentleman from the United States named Michael Ruckman has done something GREAT to help with this elbow pain. In fact, he is busy with many MGB items such as steering wheel restorations, interior leather panels, shift knobs and dash kits. His website is at www.britishcarinteriors.com.

I received my leather center console cover, and my door handle covers with gel padding covered in a beautiful black matching leather. The center console has the MG logo embossed.

The installation was simple. Unscrew your old center console and swap out the snap (locking) mechanism and install it on your new console cover and then re-install the new one. Easy-peasy.

The door handle tops require a little more effort, but not much. I used 3M Black Super Weatherstrip and Gasket adhesive. I used a small brush and brushed both surfaces lightly and allowed it to tack up then I placed them together with a clamp and left it there for four hours. The result? Perfect!

My elbows are now basking in the glorious gel pad surfaces as I drive the MGB miles on end. I have no more elbow pain, no more funny bone tingles and a great looking center console that matches my leather interior.

Installation and Final Results Pictures