What does that mean exactly? If you google it, it seems to be used for a variety of things to do with cars and even the last election in the United States. After a bit of research, I have narrowed it to driving a car faster and more recklessly than the owner of the car would do because the driver is obviously not responsible for the repairs.

I said that when I finish all my repairs that I would drive her like I stole her. Yesterday was that day!

I woke up and did the final polish and ceramic wax coating. I dealt with the tiny things such as adjusting the seat belt straps, wrapping a few wires in the trunk and stuff like that.

People walking by, looked at the MGB, and asked if I had her painted. That is how remarkably different she looks after the touch-ups and three stage polishing and ceramic coating. I too can not believe how nice she is. Last year I was considering a paint job. I could not believe that there is nothing left on my list of things to do except cleaning and regular maintenance.

Once done, I put on my new leather driving gloves, Ray-bans, matching British cap and went for my first test drive after all the repairs. A funny thing happened while I was working on the suspension. Somehow, miraculously at that, all the potholes and bumps in my town were repaired or gone. I know this because I sailed over them as if they were not there. No more clunks, bonks, bangs, and shutters as I hit my local country roads. She was driving as smooth as my Chevy Volt (almost).

The engine continued to idle between 750 and 850 and she continually enticed me to the redline. I could hear the jazz music through the new speakers I installed while taking the twists and turns around the Russell area. It was a cold day, so I simply turned on the heat, directed to my feet and I was toasty warm. Everything works.

I would have to say she ran like she rolled out of a dealer’s showroom.

But after doing all that work, I have come to realize exactly how much I have learned in one year. Check the list of things I did to this car since I purchased it last July. Click Here.

The best part of my test drive was when I stopped at club member’s house to drop off some MG parts. I stopped the engine to talk with her. When I went to start it again, nothing. No crank, no click, just nothing.  The lights worked, the fans worked, and the radio came on.  

I have a complete tool kit in my car. So, I sat back for a moment and thought about it. Last July I would have called CAA, for sure! But yesterday, I calmly opened the battery compartment and verified all connections. Then in my mind, I followed the wires which I now understand, which led me to the starter. So, I crawled under the passenger side where I know the starter is, and there it was. The power wire had managed to come off. I took out a pair of needle nose pliers, I squeezed the crimp terminal to make it a tighter fit, I wiped off the dirt on the male terminal and plugged it in.

I knew it would start. I did not even test it. Instead, I put back the battery compartment lid and carpet, rolled up my tool kit and again, put on my leather gloves, Ray-bans, and cap. I then turned the key, and she immediately came to life. Did I drive her like I stole her? Well, since I am responsible for all the repairs, I would have to answer no to that one. But I had a wonderfull time navigating the twists and turns that my local country roads offered up.

As I drove away, I started thinking about all the work I have done and how much I have learned. I am now prepared to handle mostly all issues on the road. I was very proud of myself that I was able to find and fix the issue, even though it was just a wire that had come undone.

What’s next?

Driving it, of course. But on those rainy days, I do plan to slowly clean and polish my engine bay.