After having this car for six months, I have spent much time tuning the engine with advice from experts and books to only realize that there is definitely something not quite right. I think that one issue I had was the cooling systemthat is now fixed. Prior to, my engine would overheat at idle and become cold on the highway, therefore making tuning impossible. Just idling during tuningwould cause the engine to heat.

My second issue is the harmonic balancer, and I will resolve that shortly when I receive a new one. The Top Dead Center had moved and although I found the TDC through measurement and marked it, I am certain it will move again.

Lastly, is the two SU Carburetors. I know in my gut that there is justsomething not right about them. One is just no like the other. I think after removingthem I could confirm that there is an issue or at least something odd. Prior to removing the carburetors, I had run the engine. After removing them, I had to open the float chambers to drain the fuel for shipping purposes. One was fulland the other was empty. This after adjusting the floats on both, many times. Second, the damper oil was empty on one and full on the other.

These two carburetors are off the Island Automotion for a full re-build and I am anxious to hear their comments andany issues that they find during the rebuild process. So, below is my video on how to remove the SU Carburetors form an MGB. Fun!

Removing SU Carburetors from MGB