Food trucks are known for their unique take on common foods and of course they are everywhere in the southern states where the weather allows for a year round business. Mexican, Cuban, American and many other varieties are available from Food trucks, each with their own twist and flavor.

Ottawa is no different. We look forward to the Beaver Tail trucks hidden away throughout our city and each surrounding town is home to their own unique burger, fish and chips, mexican or other types of food trucks.

But today I want to introduce you to one of my new favorites, Pearson Street. Pearson Street located at 189 Bay Street in Embrun, Ontario is home to the Smash Burgers and Melts. But take care, this is not your everyday ordinary Smash Burger. Nope, no way! When you take your first bite you will understand, its a heart stopping moment. Personally, I am a HUGE fan of their Double Smash Burger with Bacon and Sautéed Mushrooms. Click the picture to the right for their full menu. Also important to note is that they cater to Gluten Free. They offer their smash burgers in a box with no buns. That is my wife’s choice and she finds them delicious.

You can also order and pay ahead online before leaving your house and the order will be waiting for you when you arrive. This is their website for ordering – Click Here.

If your planning a visit from afar, the normal wait time is around 15 minutes and it is always worth the wait.

The smash burgers are smashed thin and fried to perfection as you can see in this Video: https://fb.watch/8CzZuLaJbp/

When you take your first bite, you immediately know this burger is different, it stands out from the crowds of burgers you have devoured in the past. In my opinion it stands at the front of the line!

After reading some of their reviews on Google, they apparently make a mean poutine and they offer it with many twists such as smoked meat. Their melts also have a following of people and I may try one of these before they shut down at this location.

So that said, the season is coming to an end. Apparently we only have so many days left before they close for winter. Below is a live counter so you can plan your next visit. Don’t wait to get yours before its too late 🙂



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Time Left to Enjoy Smash Burgers