The Ottawa MGB Club has a photo competition for a 2022 calendar and for some website photos. I am hoping to get one of my photos voted as a winner. There are multiple themes for the photos.

The Rules:

Your car must be in the photo—send them along to Sarah by December 1st.

  • At a museum/Site of historic interest
  • With a mode of transport that is not a car
  • Scenic beauty
  • With another classic vehicle (or future classic)
  • Next generation (kids/grandkids)
  • A building or structure with interesting architecture
  • Water view
  • At a café or a country pub
  • At a food truck
  • With an animal(s) or bird(s) – wild or domestic
  • Industrial or farm setting
  • Member’s Choice (any scenario you want)

So Far I have checked off many of these boxes 🙂