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Place: The Swan on the Rideau

Meeting Time: 10:00 AM Sharp

We arrived at The Swan on the Rideau at 9:40 and were welcomed to the MGB Club by Trish Adams, Past President who gave us very quick instructions about the drive before we left with the first group. Below are some pictures of the member’s cars who turned out at the starting point of the drive.

We left at 10:00 sharp with the following directions. It was explained to us that when the first car takes a turn, the second car will pull over to the side of the road immediately after taking the turn to become a marker for cars that are behind that there is a turn. This is done to ensure that no drivers miss a turn. After the last car we then would get back onto the road at the end of the line. We got to practice this once during the ride.

After we left, my navigator (wife, “Chantal”) was able to snap a few photos of our ride down towards The McIntosh Inn in Morrisburg, Ontario. So here are a few of these pictures:

Once we arrived, we had a long meet and greet with many of the members and were able to talk shop, kick some tires, look at engines and ask as many questions as we wanted before finally going onto the balcony for a nice lunch. Many members skipped the lunch and decided to have a picnic or visit some local sites such as the local winery. Click the arrows on the right to slide through some of the photos I took while there.

After lunch we returned home but not without an issue. Three quarters of the way home on Route 31 my engine started to sputter when under load. Under load it would not want to rev more than 2200 RPM and if I tried it would sputter and make a horrible noise. We put on the hazard lights and luckily, we were able to sputter back to our garage safe and sound. We had planned to come home so we could feed our dogs, let them out, take them for a walk and then return to the McIntosh Inn for supper at 6:00. We drove the Chevy Volt back for dinner.

We had a wonderful buffet and met many of the members. After diner there was a give away of some collectables that were given to the club by a family member who inherited them from a collector. I won one of these prizes, a key chain holder with the history behind it.

Back to my engine problems. At first, I thought it may be a fuel problem and then during and after dinner discussions with some members, I was steered more towards an electrical ignition issue such as the points. After watching numerous Youtube Videos, I found one that was completely familiar and therefore I am almost (90%) certain that my problem is with the points.

So now I am faced with a few options. Take a look at the points, clean them and/or change them or convert the points to an Electronic ignition system.

Help me out:

There you have it…


p.s. I suppose it would not be an authentic MGB Club Drive if I did not have at least one car issue, right?