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The wheels that came with my MGB were not made for the car and really could not be centered. Therefore, I ordered some new wheels from Moss Motors in the United States last week. The four wheels and center caps with the MG logo cost about $ 850.00 USD or $ 1,050.00 CDN. I choose to have them shipped by UPS even though there was a warning that they would charge a $ 50.00 brokerage fee.

Minilite 14″ MGB Wheel

Well, they were shipped early last week and made it to customs. The issue was that the four wheels were too big, so they divided the shipment into two boxes, each had its own tracking number. Friday morning, I wake up and check my e-mail and I had received two e-mails from UPS, one for each tracking number. Each e-mail said that I owed $ 332.00 for the shipment. I almost had a heart attack as I started to do the math in my head ((2 x 332)/1.050=63%). My first thought was to call and refuse delivery. I went online and reviewed the tracking and each number said that I owed $332.00 but only the first one had a “Pay Now” link. So, I called their 1-888 number and sure enough that amount was for both boxes and include $ 61.24 Duty, $ 153.19 HST and $ 117.97 Brokerage Fee.

What happened to the $ 50.00 brokerage fee? UPS suggested I call Moss Motors and complain since they clearly stated a $ 50.00 fee. Needless to say, I clicked pay now so that my new wheels will be here on Wednesday. The Sports Car Factory has received a set of new tires and are waiting and willing to install them for me.

Furthermore, the UPS invoice was very confusing. See at the bottom of this post.

350 Miles in two Days (563 Km)

So since Friday I have driven only the MGB. I drove down to Cornwall to meet a friend and go out to lunch by the lake. Later Friday we drove to the Swan for diner and had an opportunity to ensure that all the lights worked on the way home, and they did. Saturday, we drove to a rodeo and then just drove here and there. She seems to drive well and almost everything works. The following is a list of the next “things to do”

  • Install seal kit on transmission to eliminate leak (I’m told that when they stop leaking they need fluids)
  • Install a new gas tank (ordered). Can’t imagine what’s inside a 42-year-old tank)
  • Check driver side defrost, must be blocked or something
  • Take a closer look at the front suspension after a good set of wheels and tires are installed,
  • Perform an engine tune-up and timing, she often runs on after I turn on the engine,
  • This winter I plan to install a new carpet kit
  • Drive Drive and Drive some more đŸ™‚

A few pictures alone the way

UPS confusing Invoice