I remember in 1979 driving down to Cape Cod in my first MGB GT Flamingo Red. We drove all night so we could avoid the traffic in Boston, and we planned to whiz through Boston at 4:30 in the morning putting us on the cape for breakfast. I was twenty years old. We stayed for two weeks but of course I had to take a day trip to the British Leyland dealer in Boston to get a new alternator installed.

My garage is about to get a few additional tools. I am currently set-up for BMW Motorcycles and Vespas but now these funny looking things are starting to arrive from Amazon. One such tool arrived yesterday and for my Vespa and BMW followers, this is used to balance the air flow and the two SU carburetors.

I don’t imagine I will be using this tool for the near future, but I am certain that it will be used once I get around to tuning the SU Carburetors. Before that happens there are a few other more important things on the agenda. The most important is wheels and tires. I have ordered some Minilite 14″ x 5.5″ Bolt on wheels with the polished rim, chrome wheel studs and the MG Emblem.

Currently the car has these mag wheels from a Nissan, and I was told they were from a 240Z. The issue is they need washers and therefore will not perfectly center. Additionally, the tires are Pirellis from 2013 and the car has sat more than driven in the last eleven years. So although it has passed a safety, the wheel vibration after 75 Km/Hr is too much for me to enjoy riding it.

But, The Sports Car Factory in Hallville has come to my rescue by offering to lend me a set of wheels with good tires until I receive my Minilites from Moss Motors. I am considering the types of tires that I want but in the size 185R70 14″ there are not many options of late. Apparently not many new cars use this size. I have found the following available tires and if you could vote for your favorite and help me decide, I would very much appreciate your time and expertise. Feel free to leave a comment as well.

After I take care of the tire situation, I will need to fix two small transmission leaks. So I will order the Transmission seal kit form Moss and have the work done at The Sports Car Factory. I also need to consider changing the lever shocks and finally I want to put in new carpets. I will most likely do that job myself and I may even try to change the shocks.

So, yesterday I vacuumed, applied 303 Protectant to all the vinyl including the top and tonneau cover. I treated the leather inside and polished the car with a ceramic coating. I will need some touch up paint for small rock chips and I assume living in the country, this will be a forever chore.

So here are a few pictures of her all nice and shiny.