springMarch 25th, 2019 will be remembered as the year spring failed to arrive. Although I have seen a few motorcycles on the road of late I personally will not take that chance. Ice, salt dust, and the unexpected SNOW FALLS just make it impossible for me. Not to mention the minus 10 degrees. So when do we ride? When is a good time to ride after such a long winter. In the past I have always waited until two or more really hard rain falls had come down to wash the roads clear of the winter salt and salt dust as well as the sand in places.  This was normally by the middle or end of March.

Yet yesterday it was snowing again at five o’clock in the afternoon. Not a lot, but snow none the less. I examined my driveway yesterday and was pleased to see that there was sufficient ice melted that opened a clear path from my garage to the road. This was new since Saturday. Prior to, my driveway was thick ice. weather

The balance of this week does not look like snow melting or road washing weather. Perhaps it will begin on Saturday with rain all day. I guess only motorcyclist pray for rain all day early on in spring and then to change it up to sunny and warm.

I guess its best to focus on work for a bit longer (like 2 more weeks min.) and stop dreaming about getting on my R1200R and riding. My next post will be…. When I ride on a day like seen below in last year’s picture (Green leaves though)!