Often we hear about adventure riders from their forum, a published book or speaking at an event on Adventure Riding. But this past Saturday I had the opportunity to film Gordon Zans who is a member of our local BMW Motorcycle Club in Ottawa and also is an avid adventure rider.

Gordon is a retired fighter pilot who needed something to satisfy his daily adrenaline requirements so he bought a motorcycle. Traveling the world as a fighter pilot he decided he had the desire to do it again on a motorcycle. No books, no blogs and no sponsors that I know of. Just a man and his ride.

His next ride will involve flying his bike to Frankfurt then riding through Germany, Austria, Italy to the Adriatic Coast. Then a ferry to Greece to ride to Istanbul and meet up with a group of riders who will then ride through Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, (all of the …Stan Countries) and then into China. He will then crate his motorcycle in China and ship it home. This trip is planned to take 2 1/2 months.

Want to see what such a rider looks like, how he thinks and gain some insight into his thought processes? Then watch this next video….