Moto Social?

What the heck is a Moto Social one might ask. Well simply put it is a social gathering of people who ride a motorcycle or scooter. All motorcycles and scooters are welcome. I had seen advertisements for this on Facebook and posted in both the BMW and Scooter Club’s Facebook pages throughout the year. It is held Monthly and at a different location each month. Last night I decided to attend. It is between 8:00 – 10:00 PM.

To my surprise I met fellow members of the BMW Club as well as people from every possible riding club or gang in Ottawa. There were of course many Harley riders, some patched and others with show bikes. Some of these bikes were so polished that I would think that last night was one of the few nights they ever would leave their garage.

I saw a Vespa GTV-300, BMWs, Hondas and every type of rider imaginable. There were bikes parked all the way down two to three blocks around the Happy Goat Coffee House.

Yes, you heard that correctly, Coffee House! Not a rowdy bar,  no pool tables, just BIKES! We all just walked up and down, over and over again admiring everyone’s bikes. Everyone was friendly and most had stories to tell. Some even had war stories.

I captured a few pictures with my phone and these will definitely provide you with an idea on the ambiance of Moto Social Ottawa…

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