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Tomorrow morning my GTV-300 starts her long journey east to her new owners whom have never scooted before. He rode motorcycles and dirt bikes. I prepared the following video with some tricks and hints on how best to have an enjoyable time riding and touring with the Vespa.

Call to Arms to Scooterists!

Please add your own hints, tricks and comments that could further help the new owners have a wonderful relationship with the GTV-300. PLEASE Leave it in the comments section.

A few final hints:

  • Because it has no gears, it cannot turn the engine off if the side stand is down so as a safety, the side stand is spring loaded and will spring up when you straighten the bike to ride. Be careful since if you do not expect it to spring up, you may find yourself off balance and drop the scooter. It is best to use the center stand until you get used to the side stand and only use the side stand on level ground.
  • When you are touring through the country, never say no to a gas station. She does not get as far as cars and most motorcycles. Many use a 1-2 Liter safety gas container.
  • Search out local Vespa riders for mechanical and maintenance help. If you bring it to a non Vespa Motorcycle Dealer get ready for a wild ride that comes with free nightmares. Often Vespa dealers can be like that too.
  • Always use super gas and preferable Ultramar or Shell V-Tech because it has no ethanol. Also, this is especially important for the last few tank fill-ups before storage. Check Winter Storage.
  • Always wave at children because they just love seeing a Vespa 🙂
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