Yes you read that right. I have decided once and for all to sell my Vespa GTV-300. To explain why is difficult but I feel I owe such an explanation to a special woman whom I know will be saddened to learn of this decision.

Here it goes 😦

Reason 1:

I unfortunately am the type of person who firmly believes in gearing up every time I get on a motorcycle, no matter how big or small it may be. I have seen accidents at 20 Km/Hr and at 60 Km/Hr and road rash and face smashing can be terrible in all scenarios. So my Scooterists friends keep their scooters for riding around town, short trips here and there and of course to bring to scooter rallies. They just put on a half helmet and go.

I truly wish I could do that but I can’t. The GTV is a capable motorcIMG_20180717_120506.jpgycle and because of that it is capable of getting into serious trouble so I would feel naked without my technical gear. That’s just me and no one can convince me otherwise just like I would not try to gear-up every Scooterists.

With that said, once I take the time to gear up, I will always choose to ride the BMW R1200R and not the scooter.

Reason 2:

If you have followed my adventures with the scooter since 2012, you may have read in between the lines that I have never being quite comfortable on the scooter, hence the add-on shocks, Russel Day Long seat and Brembo brakes. After my ride to Wolf’s Island sailing down the highway I still have some issues with comfort. I definitely could not travel all day on the Vespa but I had no issues doing 2000 kilometers on the BMW R1200R in a week.

Reason 3:

Time and money. Lets talk about money. When I purchased the Vespa back from Veronica I just could not leave good enough alone. New seats, shocks plus maintenance, tires and insurance. Before you know it, thousands of dollars have leaked down the drain. its my fault and I know it but the only way I know how to stop it is to not own it.

Time to ride it. I just don’t have the time for two bikes and I really am falling in love with my new BMW R1200R. One bike, one insurance, one set of tires, one oil change…. Sounds wonderful.

For Sale:

This was once your normal Vespa when I purchased it in 2012, but now?

IMG_20180717_120457.jpgRussell Day Long Leather Seat and back rest, (plus original GTV Seat), RacingBros Bazooka Air Shocks Front, Brembo Front Brakes, Malossi Rear Shocks, Malossi Muffler and header, LED Lighting including running day light kit on turn signals front, Bullet lighting in front, high intensity front bulbs, LED lighting on top box, yes includes top box, LED bright running back and brake lights, complete chrome kit front, back and sides, side stand as well as center stand, custom cut windscreen for long traveling and original GTV for city and short trips, module on front to make click sound when turn signals are on, module monitoring voltage charging, Scooter West Cover, spare parts, specialized tools and much more.

All maintenance more than current. Just finished cleaning and torqueing front lower and upper steering bearings, changed rear pads to racing pads, changed front wheel hub and bearings, and much more.

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This Vespa is ready for a long haul. Make it yours Today and start Traveling!

Only reasonable offers accepted. Click watch on Youtube for FULL SCREEN