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All You Need to Know 🙂

Yesterday was our planning day and seven of us met at Pub Italia for a drink and some lunch to plan our trip from Ottawa to Wolf Island for the first Isle of/de Wolfe Scooter Rally and the third Kingston Rally. One of the scooters is a vintage so our route had to satisfy a maximum speed of 80 Km/hr to get there with many stops to allow for engine cool down, pee breaks and to walk around and admire the scoots :).

Our route looks something like this:

Click on each map to Enlarge

Chantal and I have booked a B&B on Wolf’s Island but we recently received directions from the B&B and it includes a 2Km gravel road which is great for Chantal on the GS and a bit nerve-racking for me on the Vespa. It will be a long 2 Kilometers, I’m sure.

So we wrapped up our planning with a route, some guidelines on riding such as reviewing staggered formations and such and set speed and passing criteria’s to ensure all scooters are accommodated. Most of the scoots will meet at Jeff’s house and then Chantal and I will meet them as they get closer to our house.

Time for Pictures Before We Left

The Rally Agenda

wolf island

Kingston’s 3rd Scooter rally. It’s gonna be wild.

LATEST UPDATE July 4, 2018

Wolfe Island has a FREE 30-minute ferry to Island right off of Kingston’s downtown.

Patches will be available at the rally for $10


1. Best Shitbox-presented by Shitbox Scooter club
2. Rallye Asshole-lighthearted award to any person who fucks up in a comical way
3. People’s Choice
4. Farthest travelled iron butt award
5. Spot On Scooter – best overall bike
6. Chase the Wolfe – closest to the Wolfe’s course time

Friday July 13th

  • 5:00-7:00 MEET AND GREET at Wolfe Island Inn on Wolfe island
  • 8pm – Chase the Wolfe – The wolf will set a time on a simple course ( there’s only one road ). Closest to the time wins. Not about going too fast or too slow. All can participate regardless of bike.

Saturday July 14th

  • breakfast//meetup at Morrison’s (318 King St E,)—if they fill up— there’s lots of other choices nearbyhttps://m.facebook.com/pages/Morrisons-Restaurant/114463871933878 
  • 12:30pm — Gas fill up at Shell station next to ferry–285 Ontario St. WAUPOOS ride to County Cider Company (657 Bongards Crossroad, Waupoos, ON) 4-hrs long scenic afternoon ride with free ferry. F
  • ree time (rest buddy)
  • 8pm -12pm PORTSMOUTH TAVERN (96 Yonge st), old english tavern for Soul DJs, finger foods and libations. Get down get with it. Lots of scooter parking https://www.facebook.com/gmtpj/

Sunday July 15th

  • Noon- sleep in,
  • Meetup for sushi Sakura Sushi Buffet (1350 Bath Rd)
  • Burnt Hills ride if people still up to ride
  • see you next year!


  • Kingston is a stunning, historic city that consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in Canada.
  • equidistant from Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa, where the St. Lawrence River meets Lake Ontario and the Rideau Canal (a UNESCO World Heritage site)
  • Of course it goes without saying, please bring chain or anti theft tools. Goofs are always out there to mess up your weekend. Lock it up. Feel better.                  ( Kingston isn’t a high crime city but sh*t happens eh )

Lodging Stuffs.

***we’ve discovered that the general wolfe inn will be difficult to have everything revolve around it. We will still do Friday meetup there and ride the island— but the bulk of the rest of the weekend will be on the mainland.

***Please also check Trip-advisor, and AIR B&B for places with a garage///kitchen aka: for other options. There are many motels in Kingston and traffic flow is light–so nothing is really too far away.

St. Lawrence College Rooms for rent

Queen’s University will also have some options–located in Historic Kingston’s downtown

**************at this time we’ve been unable to get a group rate on any accommodations considering its our first event and we don’t truly have an idea of the potential turnout. We’re all adults, we know you can sort it out while we’re busy trying to make this event actually happen. We knew you’d understand 🙂