img_20180616_181610.jpgSomehow FedEx magically delivered the missing Brembo bracket on Friday from SIP in Germany and 613 Motorsport had mounted my new rear tire Friday evening at 7:00 PM. So Saturday Morning I got up early and…

Rear End:

  1. Clean and grease rear axles
  2. Install Wheel
  3. Clean Muffler bracket bearing and grease then Install
  4. Install Muffler
  5. Adjust Tire Pressure
  6. Bleed Brake

Front End:

  1. Install Brembo Brake bracket HAND TIGHT, LOCTITE AND 1/4 TURN!!!!!
  2. Installed front wheel and adjusted tire pressure.
  3. Bleed brake

Completed this at 11:00 AM and immediately put on my new Leather (Urban Look) jacket, jeans and Dainese Technical Riding Sneakers and raced to the parade with Joe Goulet.

Yes, Yes and Yes!!! There was no more wobble!!! She rode straight and true. I leaned into corners at 100 Km/Hr with confidence. I still need to tinker with the many front Shock adjustments to get that perfect ride for me but I am so close :). I don’t think she ever ran so smooth and true.

It was a beautiful day for a parade and I was interviewed by the local media of the Italian community Preston Street.

I took some Pictures:


Interview (Lighting not so good). I’m the guy in the middle and the quality of the video is not so good.  Interview by Preston Street BIA on Facebook.