So I am getting to the end of this year’s maintenance and repairs. I completed the Hub and bearings and as you know I stripped the Brembo Caliper bracket made from img_20180614_141214.jpgaluminum. So as I wait for the replacement I put the front wheel back on and removed the muffler and back wheel to have a new tire installed. A while back I had purchased Malossi Racing Brake pads for the back so I decided that I would clean and grease the calibers and put the new pads add for enhanced performance in the braking department.

Today is Friday and the tire will be ready and FedEx just sent me a tracking saying the my parts from Germany will also be here today. I am very excited since the yearly Italian Parade is tomorrow and I had thought that I would not be able to attend, but now there is hope. I promise to be careful and re-install the balance of parts tonight so as to not break anything else.

With any luck, I will be in the parade. Here is the video on how to change the wheel hub and bearings.