Who’s a Dumb-ass?

So as stated in my last entry, I started and almost completed the maintenance that included the top and lower steering bearings and changed the wheel hub and bearings inside.

BUT… and that is a BIG BUT!

I messed up on the final last step that had nothing to do with this maintenance and in fact is proof in the pudding that I can be dumb-ass at times. “A” for effort but “E” for dumb-ass.

What did I do you ask? Well the video below explains it all. But stay tuned for three new videos coming this week:

  1. Upper and Lower Steering Bearing Maintenance;
  2. Replace Wheel Hub and Bearings inside, and
  3. Rider Profile of Joe Goulet who first started on a motorcycle in 1948, got his own in 1953 and just happened to ride by my house when I was to start this job and he stayed and helped guide me throughout the process. He is in fact the oldest known scooter rider in North America! So stay tuned for his Rider’s Profile. Also, he was my little angel sent from heaven because I was really nervous about doing this job but now I would not hesitate at all.

Dumb-ass Video