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It arrived Wednesday in Massena, New York.  The long-awaited seat for my Vespa GTV-300. If you remember I ordered one for the BMW F700GS and it instantly became my favorite most comfortable seat ever! My only regret with the Beamer is that I did not order the back rest so I did not make that mistake with the Vespa. I picked it up yesterday and since I have a degree in paying HST at the border I skipped in with a smile on my face and unloaded $ 142.00 to the tax-man. But here she is and this morning I installed her and the back rest onto the Vespa GTV-300.

Now for the seat. I ordered a classic beautiful leather to match my espresso brown and the kick plates. Yes, the leather was extra and how could I possibly say “NO” because after all, SHE’S A VESPA!

The back rest is fully adjustable in two directions, up and down and backwards and forwards. The back rest also can slide out if riding two-up.

Besides the beauty, what’s so special about a Russell Day Long Seat? The comfort. The ability to ride longer with far less fatigue and soreness. To be able to dismount after hours of riding to learn that your back or Back Side is simply not in pain. How does it work? Click here to visit their website.  I can see the Cannonball Run in my 2019 future 🙂

(Facebook Link to Cannonball run)

So here she is…