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Yesterday was a sad day indeed. A white van turns itself into a weapon that kills and injures many Torontonians. Hell, my son lives and works down town Toronto. As a Canadian we all know someone in Toronto and share the pain, the grieving and the shock that something like this would happen in Canada.

I take away three things from yesterday’s sad and gory event in Toronto.

First and foremost, I salute the officer who stood his ground knowing that even with the bullet proof vest he could be injured or even killed if that perpetrator actually had a gun and shot. Instead, he stood his ground while being taunted and talked the perpetrator down. Excuse my language but he had balls of steel and that is what we expect from our Police. Bravo! Job Well Done!

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Second, our Canadian media, police and citizens did not immediately jump onto the Terrorist band wagon.  First thoughts were why? Was he sick? Was he disturbed, mad at something or just a simple why?

It turns out that it may be as simple as a man angry that he could not get a date. How sad and how terrible is it that many people die and suffer for one man’s anger? Its horrible!

Third, why the rented van?

This opens up a huge discussion that I would have with anyone about the freedom of the press and the news coverage of horrible situations. It seems like we the people live to watch the news and the more sensational reporting, gory details and minute by minute analysis is what we want. But is it useful, healthy and does it serve us well?

In my opinion this is what contributed to using a rented van to kill so many innocents.  Perhaps attacks and Terrorist attacks should not be reported in detail. A simple report d4etailing that there was an attack and how many people were injured and/or died would suffice. How the attack happened or the instruments used is information only useful to the police in their investigation. By detailing it on the news (in my opinion) gives others the blueprints to a successful attack (copy cats).

In conclusion, my heart goes out to those who died, were injured and those family and friends who suffer greatly this morning. My prayers are with you ALL!