Well summer will surely come sometime soon even thought the weatherman is desperately hanging on to winter temperatures. We will be getting the camper shortly and as mentioned in my earlier blogs about the camper is it is the same color as my Forester. PES01649

As a home want-a-be mechanic I certainly am equipped to change my own wheels from summer to winter. However, I never purchased those steel winter rims and instead had my new Nokian Hakkapeliitta winter tires mounted on the somewhat boring mag wheels that came with the Forester. I say boring only because there are probable hundreds if not thousands of different color Subaru Foresters with the same Mag Wheels as shown here. Of course they are better than steel rims with hub caps and probably would be awesome if every second Forester wasn’t sporting these lovely wheels. So I decided to use these for my winter tires and get after market wheels for my summer Michelins. The search for the perfect wheels within my budget took months. Lots of phone calls and many quotations from wheel stores in Canada and the United States. But in all of my searches, the most helpful was Kal-Tire in Ottawa and that is where I ended up purchasing a set of RTX Mag wheels for my Forester. Serge Robichaud was extremely helpful and very patient with me during the months that I had flipped and flopped between wheel manufactures, styles and prices (Thank you Serge!). Serge found the perfect wheels for me. I choose a style that is a bit different and depending on the angles they give off a kind of spider appeal.

So here are a few pictures of my choice. Hopefully I won’t see them on another Forester or any other car for that matter 🙂