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March 23rd, 2018. Its spring and today’s temperature is 6 degrees Celsius which is an PES03819acceptable temperature to go riding. Putting on the KLIM layer by layer would not be an issue at all. Adjusting the tire pressure, check all the lights and then just vroom (or what ever they call that unique Vespa engine revving noise).

So why is it that every motorcycle and scooter in my garage including the owner is still hibernating?

Yes we are all still in our deep rem sleep dreaming about those country roads, s-curves, hills, dips and turns,  sunshine, lakes, rivers, crazy pit stops and more.

There is no alarm clock set to a specific date or time to awake from this hibernating state. If there were an alarm it would be triggered by the amount of rainfall, intensity of the rain and amount of days it rained while the temperature remained over 0 degrees Celsius without any further snow. Why you ask?


IMG_20171126_141716Yes, salt is the culprit and until there is sufficient rain to completely wash the salt and salt dust off the roads, the Vespa and I will remain in our Rem Sleep dreaming about the weeks to come.

Often salt dust is not completely visible to the eye but trust me on this, if it is on the road it causes two very bad things to happen:

  1. Salt dust sprayed all over your engine, brakes, parts and electrical connectors that will lead to corrosion;
  2. Salt dust dramatically reduces tire traction and grip on the road, specifically in corners and when stopping.

So as much as I dream about riding once again, that Salt Alarm Wake-Up Call just hasn’t happened yet and I remain snuggled up in my dream sleep for another week or so.