Driving a Subaru in the winter is both amazingly fun yet at times can be very frustrating and that sounds like an oxymoron, so let me explain.

I’m one of the lucky Subaru drivers because of my location and life style. I live in the country where there is little to no traffic, especially on these rural country roads. I also work from home so I can decide when and where I want to drive. So in the most part for me the Subaru in the winter is amazingly fun. I choose the back roads which are mostly free from other vehicles. The acceleration, handling and stability on the icy snowy roads has convinced me that this is one of the best winter cars on the road. Sure, Audi may disagree so just to clarify… “for the money”.

However, my wife on the other hand has to drive her Subaru to work and when there are winter storms the major issue is the non-Subaru drivers. Symmetrical All Wheel Drive combined with Nokian Tires can’t help her when all the other cars are crawling at low speeds so as not to slide off the road. I often get a phone call from her on her way to work complaining and screaming about the other drivers.

But back to me. I don’t have that issue and I therefore I love driving through the snow. The deeper the better! I have with me a recovery strap and all the tools necessary to help others who may have slid into the ditch.