When the weather dips below freezing it is usually not advisable to ride. The obvious reason is the temperature but the less obvious is the road conditions (possible ice patches) and the fact that the tires do not perform so well below freezing and that’s important because we only have two on the road.

But in the country I still ride since there is not much traffic on these country roads and I do pay special attention (on the look out always) for ice. The worst is the salt they pour down if it snows. Salt makes the road slippery and therefore dangerous and also will enhance the rusting process of your bike.

But today I decided to ride at -2 degrees C. Funny thing however is that below zero I am more comfortable on the Vespa at all speeds than on the BMW F700GS with respect to warmth and protection from the wind. Well this also allows the SeaFoam get through the system well for her winter slumber.