Yesterday was one of those sunny November days where the neighbors were finalizing their yard work before the snow arrives and jacking up their cars and putting on the winter tires.  Luckily my yard work was done last weekend and after finishing up some work on the computer for my business I decided to clean the oven and then get some baby back ribs in at 300 degrees so they would be ready for dinner. Since they cook for about 4-hours I looked out side and said to myself ” what the heck, layer up and go for a Vespa Ride”.

The weather was not exactly warm:

The nice thing about KLIM motorcycle gear is that you can layer up and layered up I was.  At these temperatures with the wind factor the riding temperature is below freezing. So off I went. I had about 3 1/2 hours to ride before I needed to return and deal with my ribs.

Most farmer fields were all cut and harvested, ready for the winter slumber. But I cam across a field stacked high with the remaining’s of corn. There was a peace about this place. Almost reminded me of putting my children to bed for a long night sleep. This is where I decided to stop and take a few pictures.



vespa enterprise

I never get tired of stopping to take a snap shot of the Vespa. Sure the BMW F700GS with all its equipment, panniers and top box looks like a mean contender to both touring and dirt roads, but there is something special to be said about the Vespa. The only word that comes to mind is “SEXY”.

Yes there is a star ship in the second picture. I was just making sure that y’all are paying attention (lol). For the record and for those UFO hunters, it’s not real.

So sexy today and sexy yesterday…

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