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The last four days can be summed up in one word; RIDE!

Snow is obviously on its way and the weather forecast from this forward is not riding friendly unless next Friday is not raining.


I have visited New York, Prescott, Gananoque and all over and around Ottawa. Leaving in the mornings when the temperature is 4-7 degrees C (39-44 Degrees F) and riding at speeds over 100 Km/Hr means that layering and proper clothing is required because with the wind chill it is below freezing. Of course it would warm up by noon but chilly is chilly!

Why ride in this weather one may ask? Well because every day that I get up and there is no snow means that I can ride one more day in 2017. Many people are fair weather riders and would not consider riding in the cold. That is clearly evident since I may have waved a few times at fellow riders when I normally would wave at hundreds throughout a day.

I think everyone has their own limits. Riding until freezing is mine. However I cam across a YouTube video of fellow who pass my limits by a long shot. In fact since watching his videos I now think of him when ever I get a bit cold and realize that I am just fine. The video I am referring two is The Brokentooth Project and if you have not seeing it I have embedded it below. It is a great 30 minutes! At the end I kept wondering what would motivate a fellow to make such a journey. I guess the fair weather riders may wonder why I ride late October into November. So the only answer is that he can, he has the skills to do it and is a little bit crazy… But respect to him!