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Every day that I go riding there is often the dilemma as to which bike to ride. This past Friday I decided to take the Good Old Vespa for the day into Ottawa through the back country roads. I met a friend Veronica ever so briefly for lunch since I was a bit late becauseraw I forgot my wallet at home and had to double back and Veronica had a 2:00 appointment in Ottawa so we arrived at Raw Pulp & Grind at 1:10 and had to leave at 1:40. Luckily Raw Pulp & Grind has prepared Budda Bowls and fresh juices ready to go and a quaint little terrace off to the back to eat and in this case GO! If you are in Ottawa and appreciate a healthy lunch, definitely stop by Raw Pulp & Grind where you can get fresh made juices, smoothies, acai bowls and great coffee.

cricketAfter leaving Raw Pulp & Grind I headed right past the Ottawa Parliament buildings (where our Prime Minister often works, like the White House) and descended down to ByWard’s Market  to pick up a new J-Harness at Cricket and Company. Cricket and Company is one of the few stores that offers complete lines of frozen and dehydrated raw dog and cat food as well as the most current and ingenious pet supplies that are not available at the main stream stores. This is where I purchase my frozen Big Country Raw dog food and a variety of naturally and organic dehydrated treats. They are in the heart of down town but have a pick-up parking spot right in front of the store where I can always find a free parking with the Vespa.

From there I wanted to stop at the Subaru Dealer where I purchased my Forester to show the Sales Manager what a Vespa that does 125 Km/Hr without any effort actually looks like since he didn’t have any clue.

The route was as follows and it was an enjoyable afternoon.


When I got home I realized that I hadn’t washed the Vespa in a few weeks so she was overdue. So I gathered up my helpers and we spent an hour washing and polishing her so she looks new, like the day I picked her up. Well,  not really, when I picked her up she didn’t have all of the add-ons that she has now (like about $ 10,00.00 worth).

After she was clean I placed her back in the garage in her proper formation next to the two F700 GS’s.

Right Side Clean!


Left Side Clean


Daddy’s Helper


The End Result of a Beautiful Afternoon Ride!