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Where I live in Russell almost every home has a garage. Its interesting to imagine what could be behind those large doors. For example, I have lived here for almost four years now and just yesterday I happened to be walking my dogs and one of those garage doors opened to reveal a Datsun 240 Z that looked like time had passed her by. I have fond memories of that car from the seventies since a friend owned one and I really wanted one. Last week a garage door opened to reveal a hot rod that looked like it never got out to play.

But really, each garage is different. Some garage doors open to reveal a collection of stuff. Everything from furniture, boxes and whatever a hoarder collects. Its hard to imagine sometimes how long they have collected such stuff and what the rest of their homes look like. Some are packed so tight and high that its like boxes will fall out onto the driveway as they open the door.

Others contain the usual collection of snow blowers, lawn mowers, perhaps a motorcycle and/or a car.  Most have cement floors eaten away by the years of snow salt and many have no finished ceiling or walls. They are simply a garage, a storage space attached to the house. Nothing more and nothing less.

Then there is the odd few that have boards on all the walls with tools, games, hunting gear, fishing rods and such hanging in a geometrical order that is pleasing to the eye. These will normally have a car in the middle.

I have seen a few that have business or a workshop set-up in their garage. Saw dust everywhere or boxes of stuff and tables for assembly.

Then of course there is Jay Leno’s garage that everyone including myself aspires to.

A garage seems to give an inside look at someone’s home. I guess it is not one hundred percent accurate but I would imagine that people will organize their garage in a similar manner as they organize their homes. Of course there are always the exceptions. Someone who has a completely organized home and uses the garage as a dumping area for stuff that just does not fit anywhere else in the house.

But all in all, garages have always fascinated me. There are TV shows and news articles produced and written about that “Amazing Garage Find”.

Well with that off my chest this early morning let me show you my garage 2017.