For those who do not know, the pet holder is a storage area under the Vespa’s seat that sits directly over the engine. There is actually a sticker that says No Pets” and I cannot imagine the fool that would actually consider putting a pet in there for a ride home. It is dark and gets warm from the heat of the engine. Not hot, but warm, just like in that warming drawer under the oven. So it makes for a perfect place to put food that needs to stay hot. I was in the mood for some Indian food made from fresh ingredients and my preferred restaurant is in Orleans. Its called Karara. It is about a 30 minute ride through country roads. I placed my order online earlier on during the day for a 4:30 pick up.

The Ride

ride to diner

I always bring this round thermos bag which helps keep things warm and prevents leaks. As you can see, it fit right in full of delicious hot Indian Food.


Notice the NO Pets Sticker!!!

Fit right in as snug like a bug in the rug….


As you can see it did not move an inch as I arrived back in the garage and diner will be served shortly :).


I wonder what other motorcycle would get your hot food home and keep it hot along the way?