My friend Veronica who had purchased my Vespa GTV-300 three years ago and recently sold it back to me decided that this Suzuki TU 250 would be better suited for her riding needs than the Vespa. The dealer was about 46 kilometers from my house so as a favor I drove it back to my garage for her and we installed the DART wind screen and will be removing the passenger seat and installing a man rack.

The bike has the classic look to it and from my understanding can be modified into a café racer or scrambler look with some minor upgrades, tire changes and sprocket updates.

However, as is the bike rides as expected for a 250 cc light weight motorcycle. I liked the exhaust node and the handling. I did not like the seat vibration or the throttle responsiveness. I found it lagged, especially when trying to rev the engine to match a down shift. It was not instant. Perhaps this is a gas mileage thing. However, everything else about this motorcycle screamed classic. For the beginner, this is the bike to have. Easy to ride and handle and it certainly is not intimidating. This would make a great city bike or for navigating up and down mountain and country roads.

After being spoiled comments:

The bike does not have a gas gage, an electronic gear display, ABS brakes, adjustable suspension, or USB power supply.  My Vespa has the fuel gage, USB power supply and adjustable suspension. The BMW has all of the above plus more. But, for the price, this TU 250 is a great value for money!